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Put yourself into a dating mindset of an intention to interview your future husband or wife.
“When building your profile and looking for potential dates, your mindset should follow what you’d like the outcome to be “marriage-minded candidates”. On this site, you’re looking for a long-term relationship, not a hookup, or a short relationship. Let your mind consider the result you wish to achieve so that your profile vocabulary and tone match.”

Don’t be timid, asking questions, lots of it, and don’t think by answering 125 questions that we have on-site, is a waste of time.
“Be entirely yourself rather than projecting a more muted version of yourself. The more that you show your personality, the more the other person gets an idea of what a relationship with you would be like. You might as well jump in immediately to communicate with potential candidates. You are not wasting time answering 125 questions as you will see what time will tell”

Read between the lines and ask lots of questions as you can never be sure about the member’s intentions (Money, green card, sex, or business).
Believe it or not, members join dating sites for a variety of reasons. It could be solicitations, casual dating for sex, or obtaining green cards. You can never tell and they will wait for the right time to ask. Unfortunately, if the member’s profile is suspicious, consider the member guilty until proven innocent.

Looking for someone in your neighborhood is a NO NO.
You need to let go and let God to match you with your soulmate. That soulmate could be in Russia, China or Australia. What is important is the compatibility not the long distance. Yes, no one like the long distance relationship, however what if you find someone to get married in your backyard because it is convenient and divorce later on? Let go and let God.”

Be and put yourself first.
“We all want a flattering photo that peaks the maximum number of people’s interest. Go ahead and choose that picture, but recognize that it’s a slippery slope. Don’t just use old pictures or cut the picture that your ex was in it. Take your time and put out three good looking pictures. Smile too. There is a temptation to rush through and post any picture. That is a no no. Do not contort yourself to fit what you presume others desire. In your mind, put your wants first. Use Tinder to communicate what you actually desire, so you can find someone you truly like.”

Searching for other members and chat room.
It is good to search the site for members, however since this is a new site, you will be limited getting results. Chatting in the chat room may also have limited results. What is important is to be patient and spend time looking for multiple profiles and communicate.

Stop looking for your perfect match.
“No one is perfect. You are not perfect. Singles have baggage and if you think about it, you have baggage too. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but you read this right. Online dating makes it easy to filter people based on what’s worked for you before (or what hasn’t) and create an impossible mold of what you think is your perfect match. The problem is that eventually your matches all either seem to blend together and you lost interest, or you run out of options. Keep an open mind, and try [Liking] someone who isn’t your usual type. You might find that your ‘type’ isn’t as important as you thought.”

Do not enter into any business relationship with anyone.
The main purpose of joining this site is an intention to get married, not to do any business. After you find your soulmate and you get married, it is your choice at that time to enter into a business relationship.

Take the lead.
“If you want to be successful at online dating, you can’t wait for the right dates to come to you. Be proactive with [Liking and Noping] often, sending the initial message, and taking charge of your dating destiny. [People] who do are more satisfied with their dating-app experience and feel that they meet more appropriate and satisfying dates.”
Stop worrying about nailing a pickup line.
“I think that there’s this idea that you must have a witty, thoughtful, and overall brilliant opener when you’re messaging someone first on a dating app. That’s just not true. Sure, it could be cute if you managed to find a funny way to illustrate you read their profile and share a common interest, but if you can’t do that, don’t stress. It doesn’t matter what you open with as long as you open.”

Listen to your gut.
“You can follow every standard online dating tip and still end up dating someone you later regret or miss out on someone incredible if you don’t listen to your gut. While it can seem a bit ‘woo,’ research shows that our intuition is not only accurate but also rooted in brain chemistry. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of listening to that inner voice, but trust it, even if you’re not sure why a potential date seems iffy or like a heck yes. If you slow down enough to hone in on your instincts while getting to know a person, you won’t rush into something unideal because of those lusty, punch-drunk chemicals. You might also give someone you wouldn’t have expected to go for a chance and end up extremely grateful that you did.”

Do not send any money to anyone, no matter what.
We have no money transfer between the members. You could be asked but you can refuse. You never know the person’s intentions and this site is not allowing funds transfers and receiving complaints.

Don’t delay getting together, if your gut approves him / her.
“Try not to meet face to face ASAP and when you do, it needs to be in public places, or if that isn’t possible, at least have a phone or FaceTime call. You’ll never know if you have real chemistry until you actually meet in person. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, energy, and emotional investment by doing this, because you could be texting somebody for months before realizing you don’t connect in real life. Also, by insisting on meeting, you’ll know if the other person is genuine and looking for the same thing as you, or if they’re just a time-waster.”

Here are more pointers for you to follow.
A) “Don’t spend too much time alone with them” vs. “Make sure you spend lots of quality time together.”
B) “Date for no more than six months” as it is important to write the list of pros and cons about the person and evaluate it.
C) “Date different people before getting serious” vs. “Only date people you see as a potential spouse.”
D) “Don’t be too clingy” vs. “Make sure they know you’re interested” vs. “Relax!”
E) Dating doesn’t have to freak you out. Follow the guideline of the site.