Express yourself, but do it well
Oct 28 2020 11:03 AM

All Christian singles that have used dating websites to search for love online are aware of how important it is to be articulate, throughout the diverse means made available to interact with the potential dates they feel interested in, be it online or offline. You can have a killer profile that attracts hundreds of visitors and elicits numerous "winks" and chat invitations, but such advantage will serve no purpose if, once the time for interaction comes, you are unable to hold a reasonably lively and interesting conversation with the Christian single woman (or man) in question, whether through a Live chat, on the phone, or in face-to-face meetings.

Even though you might not have any communication issues in your usual environments, with family, friends, or colleagues, there is a chance that you feel especially awkward, wary, or uneasy when facing love relationships. You do not need to have a particularly shy or insecure personality for this to happen: nerves can betray any of us in new situations, in contexts where we have high expectations or feel we do not have all factors involved under optimal control. Part of Love Cupid's charm is his ability to leave us speechless!

The good news is that the basic social skills involved in starting and maintaining a conversation are among the most productive: with little practice, the perceived social satisfaction is high. You only need to remember a few essential rules and follow them consistently whenever you engage in conversation with new people or individuals you seem to have little in common with. Positive results will appear pretty soon, and the likelihood of successfully managing your interactions with the single women (or men) you have met in the Singles dating website like of your preference will greatly improve.

These basic rules could be summed up thus: prepare beforehand a handful of appropriate subjects to talk about; listen carefully (do not interrupt!) and respond accordingly: using what the other person has said, reinforcing her/his contributions, saving information for a future intervention; look for balance when you speak: do not make your interventions too long or short, neither too vague nor too intimate; pay attention to non-verbal behavior and emotional tone: look her/him in the face, exhibit a correct bodily posture, and display emotions and facial expressions consistent with the conversation.

As with any other skill, the attention and processing capacity required at the beginning are high, but you will soon be able to use it automatically and relax, enjoying fully the conversation flow. Single women will especially appreciate these skills in those single men they start an online relationship with, as women find talking easier in general, but do not feel overly comfortable taking the lead in conversations.

We tend to think that love relationships and the "simple" act of expressing ourselves naturally imply a high degree of spontaneity. However, we should not forget that a previous, more slow-paced, and reflexive learning period is usually required to express ourselves efficiently, be it with a partner in love or other interactive contexts.